The African Market (Introduction)

The African Market for Cottage Industries.

I have always believed that i can sell anything here in Africa, at least in the West Africa sub-region. understanding the market and its dynamics economically is a good step to selling in Nigeria, however understanding the culture and the emotionalism which most time plays down on logic is what we will be delving into.

Cottage Industry Brands

The big idea of marketing in the long run is to leverage on perception value. The concept of telling your consumer what is good for them and they believing in the narrative behind it. The story telling has to appeal to what ever demography you want to sell to.
-The low income African (Nigerian) will be my focus.

The Story Telling

The low income earner wants a story of hope yet he doesn’t want his ego to be trampled upon so we sell

*The Same product just cheaper marketing strategy to him
*Just a little cheaper
*You too deserve this

Package Design:

you also need to understand the mind set of people when it comes to the package.
I recommend the BIG BOX PACK: no matter how small the product is always have a big box with complicated secondary box and manuals it gives the sense of importance: (at canary we are very conscious about the ecosystem so please use biodegradable materials)


Also show other countries that consume your product it will add credibility to your brand.
Show affiliate agency in the west African sub region that you work with.


You May not have a lot to spend on outdoor media but something as small as experiencial marketing and digital marketing backed with proper strategy will give you the kick start you brand needs to begin dominating the african ever growing market

Victor Blavo
Co-founder and Head of Strategy
Canary Media Limited

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