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Effective Collaboration between Designers and Developers

Designers and developers see things in different ways.

Let’s use a design system as an example; The designer sees it as a sketch library or brand guidelines, a place to hold creativity while the developer sees it as a coding standard and documentation that guide precise work. And that’s where confusion steps in.

Here are a few tips to help designers and developers see things on the same page:

Designers and developers see things in different ways, so effective collaboration and communication is important to bring out the best user experience for your product.

User Focus: Both should have the best user experience as the main focus. Check by asking  ” Does it work better for the user? ” Yes? Stamp it! No? Back to the drawing board.

Early Involvement: Don’t feel every design can go into codes… Developers should be involved in the design process early enough to enable agreement on what would work and what wouldn’t.

The Pre Hand-Off: Neither designers nor developers should be left out of the testing process… It helps identify errors faster.

Frequent Check Ins: After testing, both designers and developers should have frequent huddles to fulfil the product’s vision.

Pragmatic Communication: In cases of mistakes from a party, communicate with respect, It matters and goes a long way.

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