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Product Overview-Clane
Clane is a Lagos based internet company leveraging the power of technology to provide people with easy-to-use financial products and services. They bring together developers, investors, and experts in finance and digital technology to deliver innovative solutions that transform today’s financial landscape.


Canary’s lead designer Victor Blavo and the entire team worked tirelessly within a time frame of one month to produce this masterpiece design, and website for our client, Clane. We were inspired by Clane’s vision to create highly-customizable financial solutions to their customers and not just a one-size-fits-all

Scope of Work

Logo design
Site Taxonomy
Content Architecture
Visual Design
Web Development

At Clane, We believe in the immense power of technology and leverage it to foster innovation and sustainable change for a better future. In today’s hectic world, we understand the importance of agility and flexibility; we strive to deliver flexible services and solutions that our users can tailor to fit their niche needs.
We prioritize value and never cut corners when it comes to the quality and functionality of our services, but at the same time, we pride ourselves on delivering low-cost solutions that offer you the most value for your hard-earned money.